How can I deal with a lack of attention?

How can I deal with a lack of attention?

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Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder; a lifelong disease usually presenting before the age of 7, known for excessive mobility, inability to postpone requests, and the length or shortness of the attention span. If you observe that your child does not listen to you, is easily distracted, does not succeed in your lessons, constantly loses his belongings and is always distracted, you should consult a specialist doctor. What are the causes of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity (ADHD) Disorder?* Genetic causes, * Environmental factors, * Differences in brain structure and function, * Psychological reasons.Three main symptoms of ADHD1) Lack of attention: They find it hard to pay attention. They have trouble finishing what they started. They find it hard to do their homework. Because it is difficult for them to require mental effort. 2) Impulsivity: They'il hurry. Usually they interrupt when someone is talking or they go to the answer before completing the question. So there's always a hurry.3) Extreme Mobility: They are constantly in motion. They can't play the game calmly. They climb things.Suggestions:* First, accept your child's situation and be patient. * Do not get angry and punish your child for this situation. Because it allows him to become immune to punishment. * When your child becomes more angry, wait for him to calm down. * Try to reinforce them by emphasizing your child's positive behavior. * Be clearer when you ask your child for something. * Never discuss it with him. Psychiatrist Bora Telaferli, on the subject: “Although the symptoms develop in childhood, it can last until adolescence and adulthood. If it is not properly identified and treated, it will have serious consequences, including continuous slow learning, school / work failure, problematic and tense relationships, low self-esteem, and increased risk of depression, anxiety, and even substance use. ” Remember, every child is different, although the stages of growth may look the same. The important thing is; to teach our children to transform these differences into success. Albert Einstein is one of the best examples of this difference. As parents, always try to be positive and patient with your child.Prepared: View Sümeyra's Full Profile


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