Your baby's milestones

Your baby's milestones

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For parents, even the smallest changes in their babies are of great importance. In this article, you can find out what is the first developments for the babies, such as the first smiles of the babies, the holding of things, and the rolling of them.

From time to time your baby can shape his face and you can simulate them to smile. However, your baby's first real smile is about 8 weeks old. Only when the nervous system develops and sees you and makes you smile is 8 weeks.

When your baby is 2-3 months old, it may begin to roll by itself. It will act more coordinated and stronger from the 5th month onwards. It will be very enjoyable for you to watch him act on his own during this period.

When your baby is 3-4 months old, they will start moving their hands more often. He'il try to grab something with his hand. You will be very happy to see that you have managed to hold something for the first time in these months.
A 5-month-old baby will begin to learn to hug his parents. After learning to hug, he will even hug the people he feels close to, the teddy bear and his cat. You will be very happy when your little baby hugs you or you see others hugging you.

Your baby, who is 8 months old, is now able to balance and sit. He is able to control his arms, neck and head. Although he does not manage to sit for a very long time at the beginning, he will start to sit for longer periods in a comfortable and balanced way.

Some babies begin to crawl later than the 6th month. After you have managed to sit on your own, the next step will be to crawl. It will make you smile to see your little baby crawling in the house in a lovely way. However, while your baby is crawling, you provide an empty path in front of it and ensure that your baby walks easily, as well as protecting it from unwanted accidents.

And finally, the turning point of your baby is walking. Usually from the 10th month babies start to walk. The first steps of your baby will be a great source of happiness for you and a great success for him.
Your baby's first year is full of surprises both for him and for you. Encourage her by sharing her happy moments and enjoy every moment.

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