Pisces children

Pisces children

You are under dramatic changes at every level of your life. The most important lesson you will learn in 2006 will be to learn to deal with the sudden changes, insecurity and obscurity.
Let us state that you are facing a whole new life. It's like you're changing sizes. The role of spirituality in the changes will be great. After July, health-related issues may be raised. Your chances are clear until November 24th. You are entering one of the best periods of your life in terms of career.

Home and family
In 2006, you won't be home much, you'll get home. Your family will understand your 'adventure-filled' life. If you plan to renovate the house from February 17 to April 4 the most appropriate dates. From 20 May to 21 June, family issues may be raised. In the past years, many of you have experienced problems and even losses with family elders. That's why your relationship patterns have changed. In 2006, you can start to establish more healthy and clear relationships with your elders.

Love and social life
Your priority for next year will be personal freedom, spirituality, travel and health. Singles will remain single. In fact, considering that freedom is the most important thing for a Pisces, it is no wonder that there are so many singles among the Pisces.
Those who have a relationship with fish should not forget this factor and should not limit their spouses. This year, you are so immersed in renewal and changes that those who have been in contact with you, who are thinking of and will establish will find more than one personality. Not as a result of all this renewal to others, you may feel yourself even stranger!

Finance and career
2006 is more important for you than career for finance. After November 24, your business life will gain great importance. The lunar eclipse on October 17th and the solar eclipse on March 29th can help you to reorganize your financial plans and strategy. You may find that your current plans are not realistic. Sometimes, even if this restructuring process is troublesome, remember that everything will ultimately benefit you.
The fact that there is not much change in finance in 2006 can be said to be a sign that there are not many complaints about the current situation. But even if you say in general in 2006 what 'money matters', it may not be bad to show some interest in this field. It is in your hands to increase your happiness and prosperity.

For fish this year is very important for career. You can expand your existing business, gain new business opportunities in foreign countries and benefit from career-related training opportunities. It is certain that your professional life and social status will increase. In other words, not only the salary increase but also the probability of gaining reputation. If you're thinking of getting into politics, this is a great time. If you complain that your asset is not known, you will feel much better this year. isfrom.

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