Questions to expect at the 9-month well-baby visit

Questions to expect at the 9-month well-baby visit

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  • What to expect

    These slides show you the questions your child's doctor is likely to ask you at the 9-month well-baby checkup about your child's health, sleeping, and feeding habits. Jot down your answers on our printable doctor visit worksheet to take with you to the appointment.

  • How is your baby sleeping?

    Your 9-month-old may be waking up often at night. He misses the fun and companionship of daytime and will be reluctant to go back to sleep. The doctor may have helpful suggestions, especially if you have detailed information on how much your baby sleeps and when. Most 9-month-olds sleep ten or 11 hours at night and three or four hours during the day.

  • How's your baby eating?

    At this point, your baby has probably begun feeding himself a few finger foods, so the doctor will ask how that's going. Tell the doctor if your baby is having trouble with solid food or drinking from a sippy cup.

  • Is your baby crawling?

    By now your baby should be crawling or getting around by some other means such as scooting, slithering, or bottom-shuffling. If she hasn't already, she'll soon start pulling up to stand.

  • What does your baby say?

    Your baby can probably join syllables together and jabber wordlike sounds. He may even be saying "mama" and "dada," although many children still can't at this age. If your baby's not making any sounds or is making fewer than he was before, tell the doctor.

    Also let the doctor know what your baby understands. By now he should know and respond to his own name and a few other familiar words.

    Print out our list of early warning signs of a language/communication developmental delay.

  • Does your baby point at objects?

    Between the ages of 9 and 12 months, most babies start pointing at things that catch their attention, such as dogs and toys. It's a nonverbal way of trying to communicate with you and an important step in language development.

  • What games does your baby like to play?

    Most 9-month-olds love imitative games like peekaboo and patty-cake, and find great fun in banging and rattling toys. It's all part of finding out how the world works.

  • How are your baby's fine motor skills?

    Your baby is learning to use her thumb and forefinger in a pincer grasp that lets her pick up even the tiniest objects. She probably also likes using her index fingers to poke at and explore things.

  • How does your baby react to strangers?

    Lots of 9-month-olds are in the throes of separation anxiety and stranger anxiety. They stick close to their parents and family members and are wary of people they don't know.

  • How are your baby's gross motor skills?

    Your baby should be able to bear weight on her feet when she pulls herself into a standing position or you hold her up. If she can't yet get up on her hands when you put her on her stomach, or if she seems to use one side of her body more than the other, tell the doctor.

    See our checklist of warning signs of a developmental delay.

  • How's your baby's vision?

    At every well-baby visit, the doctor should check the structure and alignment of the eyes and your baby's ability to move them correctly.

  • How's your baby's hearing?

    If your baby doesn't turn toward sounds, be sure to tell his doctor. The sooner potential hearing problems are investigated, the sooner they can be treated.

  • Have you looked at your home from your baby's point of view?

    Now that your baby's mobile, childproofing is even more important. Have you childproofed electrical outlets and placed other dangers out of reach? Make sure medicines and cleaning products are safely locked away, and post the poison control hotline phone number in an obvious place. Get more tips from our childproofing checklist.

    You'll also want to review car seat installation instructions if you're going to switch to a convertible-type seat.

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