3 ways to keep cool with a baby or toddler

3 ways to keep cool with a baby or toddler

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  • Beat the heat!

    Sizzling summer weather can make for a tired, hot, cranky baby — and mama. But being fussy is no way to spend the summer. Here are three ways to stay cool and have fun doing it.

    By Heather Flett and Whitney Moss, authors of The Rookie Mom's Handbook and the bloggers behind Rookie Moms. Heather and Whitney also publish 510 Families, a blog for San Francisco Bay Area parents about having fun with kids. They live in Berkeley, California.

  • Mini water table

    Here's a creative way to cool off: Move the highchair outside, strip your child down to a diaper, and fill the highchair tray with about a half-inch of water.

    It's especially fun to watch your baby's facial expressions during self-inflicted splashing. You can add a squirt toy to play with, or put her to work with a clean sponge.

    Tip: This works best if your highchair has a deep-rimmed tray.

  • Melting icebergs

    Though this activity requires some pre-planning, it's a chilly boredom-buster for toddlers and parents.

    To prepare, fill several plastic bags with water and drop some plastic or rubber toys inside. Freeze the bags for a few hours. When bath time rolls around, drop the "icebergs" into the tub of warm water and enjoy the thaw.

    Tip: Keep track of the plastic bags and dispose of them before your little one gets his hands on them. And as always, don't take your eyes of your child in and around water!

  • Field trip

    Escape the heat by visiting an air-conditioned place like a nearby library, museum, or aquarium.

    Since babies don't mind where you go, we suggest choosing a place that makes you happy and strolling around together. Older babies and toddlers will enjoy the hands-on delights of a children's museum. And everyone can get something at the library.

    Tip: Collect bonus points if you coordinate your cooling-off visit with a free story time or puppet show.

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