5 best holiday gift ideas for $20 or less

5 best holiday gift ideas for $20 or less

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  • Don't get caught empty-handed when a last-minute party invitation arrives or someone surprises you with a gift. All these gifts are lovable, tasteful, and look like you spent hours picking them out. Plus, they're all $20 or less.

    By Kristen Chase and Liz Gumbinner of Cool Mom Picks

    Editor's note: We found these great gifts under $20, but prices can change quickly on the Internet so we haven't included them here. Click the product titles below for current prices.

  • Hanging handmade treasures

    When you love the idea of making your own gifts but don't have the time or the crafty genes, these budget-friendly hanging sachets by Etsy's Six Sew Three can come to your rescue. A nice alternative to a same-old, same-old candle, they simply smell like the holidays.

  • Your favorite bottle, re-branded

    A bottle of wine is always a welcome party gift, and these holiday wine labels by Etsy's Label With Love add a personal touch.

  • DIY origami

    For family gatherings full of cousins once removed, keep a stash of these Kamikara action paper craft kits designed by Japanese paper engineer Haruki Nakamura. They're the perfect little gifts that won't look like you've skimped or, worse, forgotten Aunt Joan's kids whom you haven't seen since they were babies.

  • Pop-out winter decor

    These beautiful pop-out ornaments by Martha Stewart can work double duty, as a beautiful gift adornment or as a lovely standalone gift. You can buy a bunch to put with your wrapping supplies or in your gift stash.

  • Whimsical body art

    If you need a smaller gift that packs a lot of punch for not a lot of cash, you can't go wrong with the artist-designed tattoos from Tattly. While there are quite a few that are perfect for kids, we can't resist this set of eight monster tattoos. Don't be surprised if they all end up on at one time.

  • Get more gift ideas!

    Take a peek at our top picks for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and big kids. Plus, our easy DIY gifts from the kids that any grandparent will go ga-ga over.

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