Care package for a new mom: What gifts are best?

Care package for a new mom: What gifts are best?

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A few weeks ago my dear friend had her first baby. I'll be honest, she had a pretty rough go of things. The birth didn't go as planned and got pretty scary for awhile there. And even once her healthy baby boy arrived, she still had some unexpected and exhausting health issues of her own post-labor.

She came home from the hospital exhausted, sore and seriously needing to take care of herself.

Yesterday her mother left to go back home, which in this case is the other side of the country. And I think she's feeling all the typical post-partum stresses – Am I doing this right? Can I do this? I remember those days well. They are hard. Life is no longer marked by day and night, but by a continuous 24 hour cycle of feedings, diaper changes and baby soothing.

Right about now, I'd love to swoop in and give her some relief. Hold the baby while she takes a shower. Bring her a meal plus five to go in her freezer. Sit with her and tell her what a good job she's doing, but I'm more than three hours away.

So the next best thing for now, is a little new-mama care package. This week, my girls and I are going to put together a box of treats for my friend and send them off with our love.

Here are a few of my ideas so far:

  • Gift cards to local restaurants that offer takeout
  • Zoe Organics Bath Wash : she may not have time to dry her hair, but at least she can get a little pampering while she's in the shower. I use and LOVE this brand.
  • Snack foods that are grab n' go : bags of popcorn, pretzels, rice cakes, apples, crackers
  • Magazines for the hours she'll spend in the chair rocking, nursing, soothing, nursing, rocking, nursing...
  • A low-maintenance journal: This 5-Year Journal is my favorite. There's just enough room to write a few lines each day. There probably won't be time for much else.
  • Gift card for a photo-printing service.
  • Something to make her feel a cute lipgloss.

When I’m not geeking out over baby gear, you can find me on my personal blog, MommyCoddle, talking about life with four girls in our fixer-upper farmhouse in rural Maryland. On Twitter @MommyCoddle and on Pinterest.

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