Is it coochie coochie coo or goochie goochie goo?

Is it coochie coochie coo or goochie goochie goo?

There you are, on a mission to elicit a giggle from a tiny human, whose gooeyness is just within your reach. Fingers poised you go in for a tickle, and you say _______?

"Goochie goochie goo," right?

Surely you're not one of the fools who is wrong, and has been saying "coochie coochie coo" this whole time!

For years it's escaped me why anyone would prattle to a baby what to my ears translates as "vagina, vagina, vag!" I mean, I'm well aware most babies arrive through the birth canal, but is it really necessary to tease them about it later on?

Silly coochie-cooers, it's time to hop aboard the goochie-goo train.

Wait, what? Damnit!

Join me now for an in-depth look at the coochie vs. goochie debate:

Consider me wrong (if we're going by majority rules), and none too pleased about it. There goes my lifetime streak of being right about everything ever. Pssht.

Did you notice though, how most of the "coochie" talkers could barely bring themselves to admit that's what they say to little babies? I'm going to go ahead and take that as a point for my side. If you're too embarrassed to own your giggle talk of choice that's a sign.

All I know is if "goochie" is wrong I don't want to be right.

Do you say "goochie goochie goo," "coochie coochie coo," or something else completely?

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