Top 10 most gag-worthy smells when pregnant

Top 10 most gag-worthy smells when pregnant

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Pregnancy brings with it an interesting symptom, a hyper-sensitive sense of smell. The sense of smell is so sensitive some people call it “pregnancy nose”.

The January 2013 Birth Club’s members are newly pregnant and are listing the "smells we can't stand". Their top gross smells along with some of my own make up this list.

The top 10 most gag-worthy smells when pregnant:

10. Cooking meat – The cooking meat smell is ever changing; sometimes chicken smells disgusting, sometimes hot dogs. At other times it can smell good. The cooking meat smell is completely unpredictable, but when it smells bad to a pregnant woman, it smells BAD.

9. Pet smells – Most pet smells are pretty grody on a non-pregnant day. They are just multiplied in grossness by pregnancy nose. The smells include kitty litter, dog breath, wet dog smell, etc.

8. Seafood – I don’t know what it is about seafood, but it was one of my worst pregnancy aversions. I canceled a dinner out with friends once because it was at a seafood restaurant and I knew I couldn’t take the smell.

7. Strong fragrances – This includes lotions, laundry detergents, cleaning products, candles, perfumes and colognes.

6. Bad breath or pretty much any odor on breath – Bad breath is gross enough, but almost any of the scents on this list are even worse on someone’s breath, especially seafood, booze and cigarettes.

5. “Grocery store smell” – Most women who have been pregnant know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s the culmination of all the different smells in a grocery store that result in an odor that’s almost impossible to take when pregnant.

4. Cigarettes – This made the list for a lot of people and it's a smell I can't stand even when not pregnant. When I'm pregnant it seems I can smell cigarettes from a mile away. Luckily I don't encounter this smell too often.

3. Strong food odors – Garlic and onion are the worst offenders. I remember my toddler eating a soy-garlic pizza and I swore the garlic was oozing out of his pores the next day. You know it’s bad when an adorable toddler can turn your stomach.

2. Body odor – Enough said.

1. Everything else – I had to say it because any smell can turn gross during pregnancy, it’s unpredictable.

How about you? What would you add to the list of the grossest smells when pregnant?

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