Modern father concept

Modern father concept

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We see the fathers who drive a stroller on the beach and feed the baby's food at home and play with him more often. We asked the views of the fathers about their evolution. Acıbadem Maslak Hospital Psychiatry Specialist Dr. Contact Kultur directlyStating that, with the guidance of women, spouses accept the sharing of duties in baby care, “Today we can describe the father model in two ways: Business fathers, home and business fathers" says. Business fathers are more business oriented, the father model that leaves the maternal care issues to the mother. Emphasizing that work and home parents are men who can change. Dr. Ülte We also see the biological reflection of this change. For example, research shows that fathers sleeping with their babies have decreased testosterone levels. So the more the father is interested in the baby, the lower the testosterone level. It actually makes sense. If we think that testosterone is necessary for cılık hunting, test there is no need for testosterone.. Fathers also evolved
Comparing today's working fathers with the previous generation and explaining the development of the father figure. Dr. Ülte There is an evolution from hunting fathers to fathers who are also interested in the problems of the cave. Previously, the man's job was more extroverted, such as going outside, making money there, protecting the family from external threats. But the women had to go out and work, and the men had to share the responsibilities of returning home, taking care of the child, taking care of the house with their spouses. Prof. Dr. Kultin Ögel sums up the attitude of mothers: anne Mostly the mother who makes them do so. The mother's ability to put responsibility on the father would increase the rate of father ready to take responsibility. But mothers who cannot trust anyone to leave their children cannot direct their wives. Man's duty, not his obligation. However, men can be directed. Training is essential for this! But this training should be done by spouses. The change of lifestyles rather than education and economic level forced men to this metamorphosis. They need to adapt to the new lifestyle. ”No longer go out and hunt, but look at the cave era
Although the number of modern fathers has increased nowadays, this is not an easy process for men. Professor Dr. Kültgin Ögel, while expressing the biggest problem of work and parents as suppressing his instincts, states that the change of men, which can be summarized as 'Going out and looking at the cave instead of hunting' is a challenging process. Objection, roar is a biological reflex. On the other hand, the pleasure of being at home and looking after the child is very attractive. Those who enjoy this pleasure do not want to lose that. DaHome and work balancing fathers happier Men have difficulty in going through this process, and the basis of this difficulty is the attitude of other men and what they will say. Because in every man lies the desire to protect the cave. Professor Dr. Kultigin Ogel tells his fathers and housemates about the attitude of other men: The only problem here is that other men do not want to be left alone when they go “hunting”. That's why they start pinning the father who stays home. Perhaps this is a way of comforting others to quell the guilt of moving away from home. As an expert, I see that a man who takes good care of his home is also happier and more productive in his job and they are less aggressive. I think the executives who support men at work and home win. Sometimes everything in life is not what we want. Despite all efforts, divorce, separation can be experienced. In this case, we suggest that men do not pursue their old order. Because they have a new life ahead of them. Men who are unable to establish a new life are having difficulty. Freedom alone does not bring happiness. The state of freedom in a planned life makes people happier. ”

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