What is the hidden danger in stationery?

What is the hidden danger in stationery?

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Scented erasers, interesting pencils and colorful stationery… These stationery products, which adorn children's dreams in every school period and often turn school stress into fun, actually contain dangers that can disrupt children's health.

Memorial Sisli Hospital Clinical Laboratory Department of Biochemistry Specialist. Nilgün Tekkeşin, He gave information about zarar the damages of poor quality stationery materials ve and made suggestions to families.

Alluring pencils and erasers are dangerous!

Stationary materials such as cheap and poor quality paint, play dough, scented eraser, which enter the market in various ways and especially originated in the Far East, are consumed unconsciously because of their exaggerated “allure” characteristics. Plastic bags and drinkers that contain food carry a risk in this sense if they are of poor quality. Preschool and primary school children can take the stationery materials they use uncontrollably to their mouths, and then use their hands to their mouths or eyes. However, the dyes and volatile chemicals contained in these products pose a great risk to the health of children. Unfortunately, it is unclear which products are produced from which certain substances with chemical additive exceeding the safety limits will have more clear results in the long term, making their daily use sloppy.

Poor quality stationery supplies cause cancer!

Although known to have extremely toxic effects, the consequences of overdose exposure to these chemicals (phthalates, azores, carcinogens, allergen dyes, heavy metals, formaldehyde) can also be distressing. Allergic reactions such as skin rashes and respiratory distress may occur in some sensitive children. As a result of the removal of this suspected product, the findings disappear. In particular, the use of azores dyes in these products may result in carcinogenic effects. Since such dyes are easily dissolved in water, they are easily handled even when held with a sweaty hand. When the baby or child takes these toys into his mouth, the paints somehow get into his body. The harmful effects of these substances entering the body are eliminated in the liver and then excreted in the urine. If adequate breakthrough cannot be achieved, it will accumulate in the body. Smelling smelling stationery can reinforce the dependence of smelling on children. Children can enjoy the smell of the pencil box, where the smell is absorbed throughout the day. Since the carcinogenic effect of these substances can be seen in the long term, it is known that the azore dyestuff derivatives are effective in animal experiments, especially in the development of bladder cancer.

Products must have TSE stamp!

In cases of concern; it is very important that both the people who sell these products and the parents are informed that they have access to the right addresses for the necessary examinations. For this, every kind of expenditure should be made and products approved by the centers carrying out these quality inquiries should be used. In this way, by reducing the demand for simple and cheap products, it can be prevented from playing with children's health. When buying stationery materials, TSE stamped and age appropriate products should be preferred.

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