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The birth event is one of the most curious questions for a mother. How the process you expect to hold your baby begins and ends depends on the course of your pregnancy. Normal birth? Cesarean section?

We see that normal birth takes place in the period when cesarean delivery is in a trend. In particular, you have often heard that amongst celebrities, normal birth is preferred recently. So let's take a look at which celebrities, which bride has preferred birth.

  • Contact Ebru directly

His career began fotomodellikl float Ebru, Turkey at some time after the beautiful Queen of Turkey contest selected a model, presenter and did fotomodellik. He is now a Pilates instructor and has two children, Beren and Pars from Harun Tan, former owner of Yeni Karamürsel Stores.

Her first child Beren had to give birth to her second child Pars by cesarean due to the fact that the doctors did not take the baby to normal birth because of the water coming during her pregnancy.

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Demet Akalın, who is now among the ambitious female vocalists of Turkish Pop Music, has a daughter named Hira from her marriage to Okan Kurt. Akalın, a 33-year-old mother, determined the delivery method as cesarean section by her own preference.

  • Esra Erol

Esra Erol, the popular name of the screens, often makes her name known with her television programs and social responsibility projects. Esra Erol got married to businessman Ali Özbir in the tourism sector in 2010 and has two sons, İdris Ali and Ömer Erol. Erol had to go through labor for 15 hours at the birth of her first baby. However, in the end he had to give birth by epidural cesarean section.

  • Ebru Gündeş

Ebru Gündeş, one of the powerful female voices of Turkish art and arabesque music, is one of our celebrities who gave birth by cesarean section. Gündeş gave birth to her daughter Alara by cesarean because she had a brain hemorrhage during a press conference in which she introduced the album.

  • Sibel Can

Sibel Can, who stepped on the stage with dance and continued as a soloist, has two children, Hakan Ural, his first wife, Engincan and Melisa. She has a child named Emir from her second wife, Sulhi Aksüt. The famous artist, who was afraid of normal birth, preferred cesarean delivery at her own request.

  • Contact Ece directly

The famous name of the media world began his career as a presenter at a young age. Ece Erken has a son named Eymen from the famous gallery artist Serkan Uçar. She is one of the celebrities who left the hospital with epidural caesarean section with early, normal labor.

  • Ahu Yagtu

The famous model Ahu Yagtu has a son named Kemal from his marriage to comedian Cem Yilmaz in 2012, when the roads meet. One of our celebrities who brought the baby Kemal to the world by cesarean section in Yağtu.

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Demet Şener, the experienced name of the podiums that caught her fame in Miss Turkey Beauty Contest in 1995, has a daughter named İrem from Ibrahim Kutluay and a son named Ömer. Şener is one of the celebrities who gave birth to her first child İrem at the end of a 7-hour labor. Demet Hanım, who had a normal birth in her second child, is one of the celebrities who gave birth in a normal course.

  • Contact Çağla directly

Experienced and wanted model of the catwalks Çağla Şikel, Emre Altuğ with the marriage of two boys called the North and Space. Çağla Hanım is one of the celebrities who gave birth in normal ways.

  • More professionals named Pınar Altuğ

Altuğ, who started her career as a model and continued with the Meltem character in the popular series “Don't Let Children Hear”, has a daughter named Su from her marriage to Yağmur Atacan. Pınar Hanım is one of the celebrities who holds her baby with a normal birth.

  • Contact Gülben directly

Gülben Ergen, who took the 2nd place in a competition he attended in the 2nd year of high school and started his career with a model and then continued his acting with the movies, has three sons named Atlas, Ares and Güney after his marriage with Mustafa Erdoğan. Mrs. Gülben is one of the celebrities who took her first child, Atlas, at her own will, after eight hours of pain.

  • Meryem Uzerli

Meryem Uzerli, who made a name for herself with the character of ür Hürrem Sultan ğı in “The Great Century” series, has a daughter named Lara. Meryem Hanım is one of the celebrities who took her daughter Lara in her arms with a different birth method.

  • Contact Şeyma directly

Şeyma Subaşı is the publisher of Acun Ilıcalı and has a daughter named Melisa from Acun Ilıcalı. The beautiful media is among the celebrities who give birth normally.

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  • Tuba Buyukustun

He started his career as a commercial actor and later became famous with his characters in the series. He has twin girls named Toprak and Maya from his marriage to actor Onur Saylak.

  • Contact Gülben directly

Gülben Ergen, who has no twin children in her family until now, is one of our celebrities with twin babies. He has twin boys named Ares and Güney from his marriage with Mustafa Erdoğan, the general art director of the group “Anadolu Ateşi”.

  • Nature Spot Rutkay

Doğa Rutkay, father of theater actor, Rutkay Aziz, is one of the celebrities who crowned the happiness of his marriage with journalist Kerimcan Kamal with his twins named Piraye and Kerim Rutkay.

  • Wilma Elles

German actress Wilma Elles, who became famous with the series “It's a Time for a Time,, is a celebrity from a marriage with businessman Kerem Göğüş, a boy named Milat Aristo Kerem, a girl named Melody Bita Oleka, and one of our celebrities.

  • View Deniz's Full Profile

Deniz Uğur who is an actress is one of our celebrities with twins. He has twins called Mina Deniz and Poyraz Deniz for his collaboration with journalist Reha Muhtar.

  • Ayca Bingöl

Ayça Bingöl is one of the famous twins in the famous actress Ayça Bingöl. He has 15 years of marriage with his wife, Ali Altug, who is also an actress, and has twin daughters named Leyla and Aylin.

  • Hülya Avşar

Hülya Avşar, who started her career with Turkish commercial media for years, continued with advertising films and then continued with the films she shot, is one of our famous mothers who have a daughter named Zehra from Kaya Çilingiroğlu after five years of IVF treatment.

  • View Demet's Full Profile

Famous singer Demet Akalın is one of our celebrities who have IVF treatment. Akalın and her husband Okan Bey are trying to give IVF treatment twice.

  • Contact Nurgül directly

Nurgül Hanım, who attracted attention with her “Gülsüm” character in the series “Second Spring ardından during her student years, followed by“ Bahar ”character in the“ Asmalı Konak malı series. Ms. Nurgül has a son, Osman Nejat, from her marriage to Cem Özer.

  • View Nil's Full Profile

Nil Karaibrahimgil, who started her career known as ür Özgür Kız asında in the Turkish media and music world with advertising and conducted advertising and music together, is one of the celebrities who became mothers with IVF treatment. Nil Hanım, who lost her twin babies after getting pregnant by vaccination method, has a son named Aziz Arif from her marriage to advertiser Serdar Erener.

  • Contact Yeşim directly

The successful artist Yeşim Salkım has a daughter named Ada from her marriage to Hakan Eratik. Mrs. Yeşim, who has the chance to get pregnant by natural means while thinking about IVF treatment, is one of our famous mothers who have tasted being a mother for the second time at the age of 40.

  • Hande Ataizi

Hande Ataizi, who often mentions her name with her series of performances and programs that create her agenda and every time she says, is one of our famous mothers who get pregnant and die son naturally with IVF when they get IVF treatment.

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