Snacks to support your milk during breastfeeding

Snacks to support your milk during breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding is the most ideal and natural form of feeding for your baby with its growth and development, meeting all nutrient requirements, being easily digestible and protecting against all kinds of external infections.

Breast milk for the first 6 months is the ideal food for your baby.

World Health Organization (WHO) According to the first 6 months of breastfeeding and then only to breastfeed with the appropriate complementary nutrients until the age of 2 to be given, after 2 years of maternal and infant desire to continue breastfeeding says.

Feeding during lactation, both for the psychosocial and physical and mental development of the baby, it is very important for the mother not to spend from her own storage.

During breastfeeding, every nutrient consumed by the mother passes directly into her milk and affects her baby directly. Spend 700-800 calories. Covering the spent calories with quality resources has a very important place.

In addition to adequate and balanced nutrition during the breastfeeding period, the dietary diversity should be provided. Meal order during the day is very important. To balance blood sugar snacks must be done.

We would like to talk about a few snacks alternatives that will support you in this process;

Galeta for nursing mothers

Galeta and Cookies for Nursing Mothers

Our products, natural wheat flour, whole grain flour, carob flour, olive oil, sunflower oil, goat molasses, yeast, water inulin, malt, amber flower extract, beta glucan, verbena extract, fennel extract, herbal grass extract, goat mother grass extract , fenugreek extract, roibos extract, raspberry extract as well as many food.

We help our mothers and babies to have a healthy breastfeeding period in order to increase the amount of milk and milk quality with its wide range of products.

As a healthy snack option to prevent the sweet crises experienced by our mothers during breastfeeding cookie and our bread crumbs to balance blood sugar fenugreek extract we are using.

Wholegrain sugar-free With our high fiber source bread and cookie, we reduce your desire to create delicious snacks.

Breastfeeding Mother Cookies

As effective as feeding during breastfeeding sleep pattern and sleep quality It also affects the milk quality and milk quality of the mothers.

Bread and cookies verbena extract We aim to ensure that milk quality of tired, sleepless and stressed mothers during breastfeeding does not decrease by increasing sleep quality.

We mentioned that the most important factor for increasing breast milk is water and liquid consumption.
In order to balance fluid loss during this period, to eliminate digestive system problems and to support weight control during breastfeeding, amber flower extract place.

Our mothers in this period to strengthen the immune system into our products β-glucan We are adding. In this way, we protect our mothers against many dangers such as viruses, infections.

In addition to providing the energy, protein and fiber needed by our breastfeeding mothers, we also produce nutrients formulated for our breastfeeding mothers by enriching them with malts, plants and minerals.

Free of added sugar and preservatives Promalt Galeta and Promalt Cookies With a high fiber source, we make it a healthy snack and delicious snack.

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Feeding during breastfeeding, click the link to read our Advice article: // www. / Breast-feeding-the-eras onerileri /

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