Does Laser Hair Removal Prevent Pregnancy?

Does Laser Hair Removal Prevent Pregnancy?

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Every woman's dream is to have a lint-free skin. However, legs, armpits and genital area, especially hair in the body is one of the biggest problems of women.

While regular cleaning of these areas is time consuming, laborious and painful, some women have other areas that are distressing about arms, face and fingers.

Fortunately, developing technology has provided solutions to many problems, as well as many options for the solution of women's feather problems. Today, it is one of the most preferred and satisfied options. laser hair removal It comes.

But many women Is laser hair removal an obstacle to pregnancy He is uneasy about choosing this method because he is skeptical about the answer to the question.

I wonder if the negative effects of laser on conception are real or a city legend?

Working Principle of Laser Hair Removal Method

In order to comment on the effects of laser epilation on reproduction, it is important to understand the working principle of the method. Laser hair removal is one of the world to get rid of unwanted hair permanently, and most preferred beauty treatment in Turkey.

The process is essentially based on preventing the hair follicles from regrowth by burning with laser light. Unwanted hair with laser beam millisecond shots makes.

During these shots, the beam is absorbed by the melanin pigment, which gives the hair its color and is carried to the hair roots. As a result, heat is released in the hair follicles and this heat destroys the roots.

The desired result of the procedure may require different session intervals depending on the person. It usually results between 4 and 9 sessions. The darker the hair, the thicker, the harder the lighter the skin, the more effective the treatment.

Because the melanin pigment which carries the radiation effect to the hair roots is more in dark hairs, the heat released in the roots will be higher.

This helps to achieve the desired result in less time. Even if the transaction does not give 100% results, 90% successful results can be achieved. This is a pretty good rate.

Does Laser Hair Removal Prevent Pregnancy?

Although it is now common to produce a permanent solution to the problem of hair with laser, Does laser hair removal damage the ovaries anxiety keeps many women away from this process.

To date, detailed experiments and researches have not been conducted on the effect of laser epilation on pregnancy. But;

What is caused by this procedure before pregnancy on the ovaries and uterus nor were there any side effects on the mother and the baby during pregnancy.

Işlem It should not be used during pregnancy uyarı is warned about every procedure, condition and drug that is not adequately studied about the pregnancy.

The reason for this warning is that most of the time it is done, not because it will harm it, but because there is no scientific study about it, the pregnancy is not wanted to be risked.

Although the answer to the question of whether laser hair removal is an obstacle to pregnancy has not been scientifically given, the following should be considered while performing this application.

  • You should avoid going under the stairs to get cheaper. You should have the application made by a specialist in a specialist hospital, clinic or beauty center. Names of the instruments used in the center, the people who will make the application areas of expertise and you should investigate the center beforehand.

Keep in mind that even if you seem to have made an economy in the first place, the health problems that will arise later can certainly cause you great damage both financially and spiritually.

  • Persons with hormonal disorders should not undergo any procedure without approval from their physician.
  • It should not be done before the age of 18. Because until the age of 18 hormones are not fully regulated, even if you had a laser before, there is a possibility that new hair will grow again.
  • After the completion of the process, the sun should not be allowed for at least 3 months. If you have to go to the sun, you must apply protective sunscreen to the exposed area.
  • After epilation first 24 hours skin hot water Do not contact with
  • Avoid facial epilation for the first 24 hours after the session.
  • Redness, slight blistering and scaling may occur during application. In such a case, do not scratch the area, wrap ice in the cloth cold compress. If the redness does not diminish and gradually begins to spread, skin specialist See.
  • Do not continue the laser if you become pregnant while the application sessions are in progress. Instead of starting immediately after giving birth to your baby, wait until the end of the breastfeeding process.

Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant?

Does laser hair removal prevent pregnancy beauty centers, hospitals, and clinics refuse to give laser treatment to pregnant women.

Exposed during the process laser beams, it acts on the dermis layer just below the upper skin. Since this layer is far from the uterus, the baby and other organs in the body, no harmful effects are possible.

However, even if the damage seems unlikely, even a low risk is not considered worthy, as it has not been proven by scientific research. Therefore not to do hair removal during pregnancy will be the right decision.

Finally unwanted hair, Does hair removal makes infertility it is not worth it to experience uneasiness. For this reason, you can interrupt the laser procedure during pregnancy and apply safer methods such as waxing and razor until your breastfeeding period ends.

During pregnancy and lactation should not use depilatory creams; because the active ingredients contained in the cream can penetrate your body through the skin and cause various complications.

After you have made sure where, by whom, and with which device Is laser hair removal an obstacle to pregnancy There is no need to worry about the question.

There is no scientific research and case study showing that laser hair removal has negative effects on pregnancy. However, during pregnancy and breastfeeding both mother and baby health It is useful not to make an application on behalf of not to risk.

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