What is the right time to lose weight after childbirth?

What is the right time to lose weight after childbirth?

What is the Right Time to Lose Weight After Childbirth?

Memorial Hospital Department of Pediatrics Uz. Dr. Gökçe Günbey, Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Remzi Aydin and Memorial Atasehir Medical Center Nutrition and Diet Department Dyt. Şefika Aydın, “Postpartum Weight Loss”.

What Should be the Weight Gain Rate During Pregnancy?

Classically ” Pregnancy period 8 to 12 pounds is normal during pregnancy de, but it is not right to set a standard limit because each woman's pre-pregnancy weight, metabolism and risk factors are different. It must be calculated individually for each woman. For a pregnant woman who is 90 kg before pregnancy and at risk of diabetes, for example, it may be 6 - 9 kg, for very weak pregnant 15 to 17 pounds it may not even be a problem.

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Is Postpartum Weight Obsessed?

Women's Of course there are always concerns about their physical appearance and weight and should also be! This brings with it the feeling of liking its own body.

However, pregnancy a very special and temporary period It should be borne in mind that classical beauty criteria may not be valid in this period. It should be noted that this period is temporary and at the end of this period the pair is waiting for a big prize!

How Does Starting Weight Loss Immediately After Birth Affect Women?

After losing weight between 4-6 kg with birth, nutrition If applied regularly, it can be given between 1-2 kg per month. It should be remembered that taking very few calories can be harmful to the maternal health and column may cause

Especially breastfeeding mothers should not make calorie restricted diets. Low-energy diets can reduce breast milk.

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Is it right for the mother to make low calorie diets right after birth?

With adequate and balanced nutrition, the mother not only meets her own physiological needs, but also ensures that her baby's physiological and psychological needs are produced in sufficient amounts.

During this period, the mother both their health, as well as the health of the baby In terms of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals are required to take.

Breastfeeding mothers, lactation period At least 500 calories should be added to daily energy requirements throughout.

During pregnancy taking into account the intake of vitamins and minerals during breastfeeding of mothers who are overweight before pregnancy and are overweight before pregnancy. weight loss up to 2 pounds per month It is reported that there is no drawback and this does not adversely affect milk production.

However, diets of less than 1500 calories per day should never be administered during any period of breastfeeding.

It is known that energy intake below this level may impair milk production and cause insufficiency in other nutrients.

Does Mother's Nutrition Affect Milk Quality?

Although the quality of breastmilk is not directly affected by the foods the mother eats, the amount of milk may be related to the liquid foods the mother takes.

More than 80% of breast milk consists of water. For this reason, the mother should take at least 3 liters of liquid food a day for milk to be sufficient.

Mothers fed with vegetarian diet protein and some vitamin deficiencies can be seen, these deficiencies can cause deficiencies in the baby when not reinforced. In addition, the mother's diet calcium-poor In the case of calcium, calcium is taken from the mother bone and participates in milk production.

This situation adversely affects both the mother and the development of the baby. Mother breastfeeding iodine requirement also increases compared to normal.

Especially in areas where goitre cases are more common, iodine requirement should be met to avoid deficiency in baby and mother. As a result, we can say; vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates balanced diet indispensable for both mother and baby health.

When can mothers give birth to lose excess weight?

Breast milk The child receiving normal development in the first 3-4 months. After four months, the growth rate starts to slow down. Additional nutrients are given after the 6th month.

In our country, mothers mostly Breastfeeding up to 1,5-2 years It is known. Mothers who have gained excess weight during pregnancy can start dieting after recovery period after the first 4 months of pregnancy.

How long should they lose weight?

In the studies, 0.5 kg weight loss per week after pregnancy does not reduce the needs of the mother and does not have any effect on milk. Your mother's Monthly weight gain is 2.

The total process depends on the mother's excess weight. pregnancy The weight loss period of the mother who weighs over 15 kg and the mother who takes 9-12 kg in pregnancy period varies from person to person.

However, prolonging the process in excess weight is the most important step of maintaining weight. Fast weight loss causes muscle loss in the mother.
Fatigue, headache, drop of blood sugar, stress, bad breath cause many health problems such as decreased bone mineralization.

Is Etkili Breastfeeding Etkili Effective for Entering a Form?

Breastfeeding means an intensive increase in metabolism for the mother. This means both the calories of the substances in the milk to be given to the baby and the calories spent for breastfeeding. Of course, these calorie expenditure can accelerate the mother's entry into the form.

The only point to note is that you can increase in calorie intake not to lead. Otherwise, as long as milk is given to enter the form can lead to even more weight gain.

How Long After Birth Can Sports Be Started?

Normal delivery If there is no suture, then sports can be started after the first week. However, considering that the mother is going through a period of intensive milk production and restructuring and she may be very tired, the first weeks can be kept as short as 15 minutes a day and should be limited only to the exercises related to the abdominal and knee joints.

Very up to date "Plates" The light and non-forced types of exercise can be particularly useful. The main goal here is to put the muscles around the waist and hips into shape.

After caesarean section, the exercises should be started after the 3rd week and after the 6th week, aerobic and caloric expenditure should be supported by the exercises.

What are your nutritional recommendations for nursing mothers?

  • Breastfeeding mothers should consider our recommendations below.
  • When breastfeeding after birth, more liquid nutrients should be taken than before the pregnancy. There is an increase in water metabolism in the pacifier. The intake of water increases with the secretion of milk and the metabolic water increases with increasing food intake. It is necessary to increase the mother's fluid intake in order not to change the amount of milk. The total amount of fluid taken daily should be approximately 3000 ml. This quantity is 12 cups of water, milk, buttermilk, compote, compote, lemonade, fruit juices should be recommended. Beverages such as tea and coffee are known to reduce milk yield.
  • Milk, yoghurt and cheese which are rich in calcium should be consumed regularly in the specified amounts.
  • 1 egg and 1 portion of vegetable meal each day or legumes It must be defeated.
  • Baked beans, chickpeas, lentils and bulgur mix dishes, such as orange, tangerine, tomato, parsley, green pepper, spring onion In terms of vitamin C should be consumed together with rich vegetables and fruits. According to the individual properties, gas-forming foods can be extracted.
  • Rich in vitamins vegetables and fruits Every meal in the diet should be.
  • Other prepared foods containing additives such as salami, sausage and sausage should not be consumed as much as possible.
  • Vitamin D is not found in foods. However, it is provided by direct reflection of the sun's rays to the skin. Therefore, lactating mother should take care to sunbathe.
  • Must-have meals iodized salt It should be used. Iodine, which is not sufficiently taken in natural foods, passes from breast milk to the baby with the use of iodized salt.
  • Dried fruits and nuts are rich in minerals such as iron and calcium, as well as intensive energy. These foods can be consumed by weight control.
  • Do not drink tea with food as it causes anemia. Afternoon tea, such as late afternoon between meals, that is to eat 1-2 hours after eating as open, tea with lemon juice It should be added. Herbal teas such as linden, mint, chamomile and rosehip should be preferred as beverages.
  • Fresh fruit juices, buttermilk, lemonade should be preferred instead of instant fruit juices, soda and cola drinks.
  • Molasses are blood-forming, sugar is a source of empty energy. Eating molasses as sweet instead of sugar is one of the measures to be taken against anemia.

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