Causes of cold after birth

Causes of cold after birth

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Everything changes after becoming a mother. These changes are the first
Before getting a sense of motherhood and also many changes in our body, weight gain
sensuality, extreme sensitivity. Pregnancy from woman to woman
These emotions vary from person to person.

Some women don't understand anything
from pregnancy, some women continue craving throughout pregnancy. This
cravings change over time, pregnancy
it is a beautiful and difficult process. Women should facilitate themselves in this process.
is required. Prevent excessive stress so that there is no blood pressure, pregnancy
sexual intercourse is not avoided in time, but some positions
should be avoided, especially in the first months, 1.5 months of the last month of pregnancy
should not be sexual.

Pregnancy isn't just about women,
men have difficult moments and stressful days of this stress to you
worry about what will happen because of what they think of you
They hear. Many heavy work during pregnancy should be avoided and the doctor
controls should not be delayed so that you know if everything is OK.
Occasionally normal birth, sometimes cesarean
It is necessary to have the doctor check-up regularly in order to know
is encountered.

Even if the pregnancy process is over
Do not think that the process is over, after the birth
the details that should be made should never be forgotten so that we do not regret it afterwards.
Having a cold after pregnancy is a very natural process. Because after birth
pregnancy due to lost blood
The post-cold women are getting. If you take care of themselves in this process
otherwise, other problems may arise.

40 days after pregnancy
women need to take good care of themselves. Chills after pregnancy, caesarean section or blood during normal birth
being lost, the blood body during a body self-collection phase
colds are taking place. To take good care of themselves during this time
it is necessary that they take good care of their babies.

People who become chilly after pregnancy
they need to protect themselves and the doctor
Let the body get healthy amount of blood lost by using medications.
Chilling after pregnancy, only winter
not in summer but also in summer days.
woman starts to get cold due to the blood lost.

Body health
many nutritious and also blood-forming vegetables to regain that month
Let you get a healthy body. Medications given after each birth should be used
And blood drugs should be drunk without interrupting that our body recovered immediately
get your health back.


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