Pregnancy and sports

Pregnancy and sports

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Pregnancy expectant mother
It is a process that needs to be very careful. Careful feeding
up, do not lift heavy, do not take action to harm the baby
mother should.Pregnancy and sports for this reason
is confusing. How to act, both expectant mother to lose weight
a healthy pregnancy without taking, as well as harm to your baby

Pregnancy and sports advice on different pregnant women
will be different. If the uterine wall is not thick enough or there is a low risk of
In pregnancies where the expectant mother is already reaching out a significant portion of the day or
move as little as possible. Do not do sports, in recent months
pregnancy can only be recommended. But
if your doctor does not see a risk that prevents you from doing sports
You can do.

If you are regular before your pregnancy
If you're not a sport, the best sport for you is three days a week.
will walk at a pace. However, when you get tired of sitting and resting
stop and drink water to prevent your body from becoming dehydrated. This
walking on the streets due to the excessive amount of vehicle noise and exhaust odor
not, we recommend you do in the parks near your home.

If you are out walking with a sport
If you want to take care of the first month of pregnancy has left behind
You must be Risks related to the baby after this period
It decreases. But every period of risk for the baby, such as fighting, weight lifting
Carrying sports should not be preferred. Risk of falling at bike ride
sports such as basketball and volleyball played on the ball.
it is not recommended because of the risk of getting hit. Jogging
but you should be careful as your abdomen will have grown in recent months.
is required.

No risk other than these
non-swimming, simple exercise, yoga and pilates
You can. In addition, you can do prenatal exercises, specialist
You can participate in exercise programs for pregnant groups. This
Some types of exercise include breathing and breathing to facilitate normal labor.
stretching exercises and is suitable for you. your doctor
interest in non-heavy sports, unless
It will be beneficial for your baby's health.

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