Liposuction before pregnancy

Liposuction before pregnancy

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at the beginning of the proposed aesthetic surgery to get rid of lubrication
liposuction is coming. The main purpose of this surgery is not to lose weight; in the body
Taking regional fats and the body
It is shaped.

A lot of women
choose to have this surgery before birth but not after birth
It is. In fact, this operation is performed before pregnancy, fat in the region
cells in the region, together with the weight taken during pregnancy,
There will not be excessive lubrication. On the contrary, the protruding areas are too much
In these areas will be more cracks for gaining weight. Crack Treatment
is quite difficult compared to other treatments.

aser Vaser Liposuciton ”device is used in surgeries. This device uses ultrasound
with selective behavior when breaking the fat tissue with waves, nerves and
it does not harm blood tissues in any way. In this way, more oil
texture splitting into pieces. According to old liposuction surgery with this device
Although bruising, bleeding and pain are seen less in the operations performed,
The healing process of the patient is progressing faster. The person who has this surgery, 5.
From day one can start doing normal business.

They want to go back to their old appearance, right from the bee at birth. Post-natal
occurring, redundancy, changes and sagging may not allow it.
Because some situations will not improve with weight loss or exercise, the modern laser
Abdominal stretching can be performed with assisted methods.

Abdominal Stretching with Classical Method

In this method, operations are started with an incision. This incision has ripped muscles
until opened and sewn. Waist and abdominal fat surgery or
classically taken with liposuction. After this treatment, the person will be
and after a few months she can continue her social life.

Modern Method: Laser Assisted Endoscopic Abdominal Stretching Method

In the method, the fat in the abdomen and waist laser lipolysis to remove
and then endoscopy support to repair the muscles and
cover. This method, shorter than classical treatment,
more painless and also more comfortable. The person who has surgery has never been in the form of V
you don't have to go to bed. One day after the operation, they can go home.
The patient's bandages are removed after three days and the patient can take a bath.

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