Postnatal uterus

Postnatal uterus

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Puerperium period, the mother's birth after the baby's 40th.
is the period that continues until. During pregnancy, both maternal
psychological and physiological changes
This is the period.

Organs in the mother's body
may not become the same as before. This situation
change according to the condition and the mother's health prior to becoming pregnant
Shows. Accordingly, during the last week of pregnancy, birth or
discomfort during the postpartum period, the mother's life
It can affect.

Involution, contraction of the mother's uterus after birth and
This is the first change in the mother. Downsizing, regression and the former of an organ
means to take the form.

Uterine involution

Difference in uterine size and weight during pregnancy
an increase occurs. However, the postpartum uterus
reinstate The uterus weighing 1000 grams after birth, puerperium
With the end of the period, before the weight of pregnancy that 50-100

Because of the separation of the placenta during labor,
The area it adheres to the body is reduced by half. Because of this shrinkage,
With the closure of the ends of the veins, bleeding is reduced. Lining
it takes about 3 weeks for the membrane layer to return to its pre-pregnancy state.
The placenta returns to its original site after 6 weeks.

Loşia discharge, in the mother's womb after birth
is the liquid found. There are pieces of tissue and blood in the Loşia fluid. lochia to
stream is dark and dense in the first day. Reduction in this discharge after 3 days
is observed and loses its darkness. Then come to a lighter color
It starts. In the last week of the puerperium, this current ceases. If after 4 weeks
If there is still such a discharge, consult a doctor without delay. lochia to
blood and tissue fragments in the discharge, the risk of infection is also very
It is great. Care of the mother's relatives and mother's own hygiene and health
must show.

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