Varicose veins during pregnancy

Varicose veins during pregnancy

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most of the problems that most women face during pregnancy or normal life
It is one. Occurring with the expansion of veins just below the skin
varicose veins, an important health
The problem is.

In this period, approximately 15 percent of the candidates have varicose veins.
This problem usually disappears after pregnancy. These heirs are primarily
calf and behind the knee.

The rare region is vulva. With varicose veins growing in this area, the mother
complaints begin to increase. Pain and aesthetic disorders most of mothers
frequent complaints.

Varicose Types

varicose veins are red-purple in color. They do not protrude from the skin.

Medium size
varicose veins, slight protrusion of the skin occurs, green.

varices protrude from the skin very prominently.

What Is Heir In Pregnancy


from pregnancy
varicose veins formation


formed in the pelvis on the way back to the heart with the growth of the uterus

During Pregnancy
increased blood pressure in the leg

Why Treat?

in the veins
clot and inflammation

cause significant burden in the circulation of the candidate and the baby


maternal feeling

risk of birth

Varicose veins that occur during the process must be treated at some times.
If your varicose veins do not disappear even 2 months after giving birth,
you should see your doctor if you have complaints.

your Pregnancy
Prevention of varicose veins is possible with the measures you will take. In this process
from sitting still or standing for long periods of time.
you should avoid. In low chairs
Avoid sitting, taking a hot bath and staying in the sun for a long time.
Walk as far as you can, swim without straining yourself, in hot weather
Soak your feet and legs with cold water. Some days
rest above the heart level. Long time
Do not cross your legs when you sit. This will slow down your blood flow
and you will facilitate the formation of varicose veins.

your pregnancy
from the third month onwards, herbal sourced dosage in accordance with your doctor's recommendation
tablets can also get support from medications.

If you want to have surgery this process will not be the right time for it. if
If you have severe pain, treatment with an appropriate surgical method
You can.

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