False movements in pregnancy

False movements in pregnancy

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We all
pregnancy is a very sensitive period. Most to ourselves, to our baby
we are in the period that we need to pay attention. Especially during pregnancy
we need to stay away from movement. So what to do in this period and what
We should avoid? What are the wrong actions we should not do?
Give birth? What should we do in negative situations and crisis situations?

Let's clarify the most important issue. Now we have another creature with you.
Imagine that you carry it and think that its weight increases day by day. This
so stay away from all the sudden movements. your reflexes
slow down, stay away from sudden movements. Suddenly, a lot of moves,
may cause unwanted results.

Of course
Avoid two sudden movements, you will never move, exercise
does not mean that you will not. However, the exercise you will do during pregnancy
it should not consist of instant compelling movements. Optimal for this period
exercises, swimming, walking and cycling.

and how should we act when we are lying? Here we stand
your hips are extremely bent.
It is not. On the other hand, remember that while resting your feet with a support
should be higher than the hip level.

From this
then you should definitely not lean forward. Reach for something
or crouch when you want to lean on the ground. After this
squatting. You can also avoid staying in the same position for a long time.
Take care. When you realize that you have been in the same position for a long time
gently change your position.

your pregnancy
be careful not to lie on your back along. Especially during the last stage of pregnancy
should not lie on your back. We told you not to make any sudden moves.
Let's draw attention to an important detail here; especially from the waist
Avoid movements. Most importantly, the sudden turn from the waist

the other thing you shouldn't do is pulling both legs up at the same time
will remove. However, splashing, high reach, heavy lifting and
We must avoid such movements as jumping.

What kind of rhythm do we need to achieve in your exercises? your doctor
recommended exercises, each movement in the first two weeks 2-3 times and for 5 minutes,
then up to 20 minutes a day
You can do. If you do not have a physical problem,
you should continue until the 36th week of pregnancy. Exercises
If you feel any pain, immediately stop
Do not forget to apply.


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