What is pregnancy reflux?

What is pregnancy reflux?

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Pregnant mothers are the most common
One of the disorders is pregnancy reflux. Pregnancy reflux
not to endanger his life
is a high level of discomfort.

Fluid in the stomach, leaking from the stomach valve to the esophagus
escaping is called reflux. The main complaints of this disorder; stomach
pain, stomach burning and bitter water in the mouth called so-called conditions.
Reflux disorder is unique to all individuals, but this condition during pregnancy
increasing. More than 50% of expectant mothers experience this complaint.
This discomfort experienced during pregnancy, progesterone hormone esophagus
and loosening of the valve between the stomach.
At the same time pregnancy reflux; stems from the growth of the uterus. With this growth
pressure in the abdomen increases, pressure on the stomach and stomach acid
cause to escape. All complaints during this period, pregnancy

How is reflux reflux treated?

Nutrition and eating habits in the treatment of pregnancy reflux
of great importance.
For this reason, you expect the mother to stay away from foods that will increase reflux
is required.
The most important way to alleviate this condition is to eat less but frequent meals.
Another way to alleviate pregnancy reflux is from long-term hunger
Avoid and not overload the stomach at a time. Prevent pregnancy reflux
expectant mothers; oily and spicy foods, chocolates, excess
avoid tea and coffee consumption and tomato foods. Of course
however, alcohol and cigarette consumption should be avoided if there are any
should not use alcohol.
In addition to all these, it is beneficial to eat slowly and very chewed
has. Too much water consumption during meals to avoid reflux
water is avoided, but only between meals.

Because it is necessary to pay attention to excessive weight gain during pregnancy
weight is a factor that triggers reflux. Apart from all the suggestions we mentioned,
another factor that will alleviate pregnancy reflux will tighten your abdomen
avoid clothes. Finally while sleeping or lying down
high pillow is one of the recommendations to reduce your reflux.

Reflux is a common disease among people. This discomfort especially
during pregnancy can give you much restlessness to expectant mothers. This
Therefore, following your recommendations is very important for your health and peace of mind.
It will move. Likewise, if your reflux complaint continues
Consult your doctor for the health of your baby and your health
constitutes. Stay healthy.

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