Bond between baby massage with mother baby

Bond between baby massage with mother baby

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The mother-baby relationship is similar to the relationship between the musician and his instrument. However, in this relationship, the mother and the baby are neither musicians nor instruments. In this dynamic relationship with mutual interaction, the roles of the 'player' and 'the stolen' constantly change.

Caring for your baby or child all day long is a very tiring act, and some mothers lead to depression. Therefore, it is very important that the mother creates her own time. The mother who does something for herself is more relaxed with her baby / child. In addition to all the difficulties of motherhood, it is possible to make your baby more enjoyable by communicating with your baby by not thinking passively. Massage to your baby is one of the most effective methods of communicating with it.

In particular, the 'bonding relationship' that you develop with you plays an important role in your baby's growing safely, independently. This is only possible if the mother and the baby have a good understanding of each other. Baby massage is a good example of the importance of 'touch' and 'communication' in this period.

Each mother-baby relationship is a 'unique' relationship with unique dynamics. Therefore, it is not the right approach to give the mother general recommendations about how to take care of her baby. Because such advice may prevent the mother from behaving naturally and comfortably by listening to her own inner voice and may adversely affect the mother's self-confidence. For example, let's think of a mother who cries her baby incessantly, despite all the advice given to her. In such a case, the mother both thinks that there is a problem with her baby çünkü because she has done her everything ve and it has not worked una and she feels that she is not enough for her because she cannot soothe her baby. As the baby cries, the baby cries more and more by feeling helpless. This leads the mother's relationship with her baby to a vicious circle. In such a situation, the mother can be as calm as possible and listen to her baby and establish a relationship with her, soothe the stressed baby. The mother, who carefully observes her baby, knows her needs. Baby massage provides the mother with the opportunity to observe herself and her baby both in her relationship with her baby.

Baby massage has an important role for the mother and the baby to meet each other and start and develop the relationship. Therefore, baby massage should not be considered only as a therapy with physical benefits. The five dimensions of communication during massage - seeing, touching, smelling, hearing and tasting - are effectively provided by the activation of movements in the 6th dimension and are very important in establishing non-verbal communication. For example, if the mother makes eye contact with her baby, touching her baby's toes; In doing so, he tells his baby what he is doing with a soft voice, saying 'relax' and 'relax' along with the name of the parts that his body touches, relaxes the baby not only physically but also mentally. Hereby, a close relationship between mother and baby is started. Thanks to the massage, the baby first senses the parts of the body separately and then feels the body as a whole relaxed. When the massage is first performed, the baby who is not used to this experience may react by crying. In such a case you need to stop the massage.
However, over time massage will become enjoyable for the baby. In addition, the stresses caused by the stressful times between the baby and the mother are compensated in a sense thanks to this 'qualified' time.

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