Watch out for pregnant women in the summer!

Watch out for pregnant women in the summer!

With the arrival of the summer season, weather temperatures which are above the seasonal norms affect the pregnant women very much. Sema Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Gülnihal Bülbül, Anne In this period, the mother should pay more attention to her diet, clothing and cleanliness, or she says.

: In what ways is summer challenging mothers?
Kiss. Dr. Gülnihal Bülbül: Summer is the most difficult period of pregnancy. Warm and humid weather, especially in the last months of mothers can experience troubled days. Summer problems in pregnant women; hot flushes, burns on the soles of the hands and feet, allergic problems, nausea and vomiting increase, weakness, insomnia and shortness of breath. In this period, the mother should pay more attention to nutrition, clothing and cleanliness.

: What are the effects of direct sunlight exposure?
Kiss. Dr. Gülnihal Bülbül: Some hormones secreted during pregnancy can increase the sensitivity of the skin to the sun's rays and cause brown spots especially on the face and abdomen. Between 11.00-15.00, when the sun's rays are steep, the sun should not go out. At other times of the day15, I recommend sun protection with creams with protection factors.

: Is it necessary to increase fluid intake?
Kiss. Dr. Gülnihal Bülbül: Since the amount of liquid lost in sweat increases due to hot weather, at least 2.5 liters of liquid should be taken per day. Water, fresh juices and ayran should be preferred to meet fluid intake. As the body resistance decreases during pregnancy, it may be prone to some infections. Particularly, the genital area remains moist for fungal infection. Therefore, it is beneficial for mothers to choose cotton underwear. Sweat absorbing, comfortable, light, easy to change and washable garments should be preferred in summer.

: Would you recommend swimming to expectant mothers?
Kiss. Dr. Gülnihal Bülbül: The best sports during pregnancy in summer are walking and swimming. In the summer months, especially swimming because it works abdominal muscles has the feature of facilitating birth. It is important to note that the mother's swimsuit is not very tight and does not stay with wet swimsuit after swimming. In case of infection, swimming should be preferred instead of swimming pool.

: Is travel inconvenient?
Kiss. Dr. Gülnihal Bülbül: One of the most frequently asked questions in the summer is travel. The first 3 months and the last 3 months are generally not recommended. Airplane travel is safe during pregnancy. Long-term trips may cause swelling of the legs and ankles, so take a break in 1.5-2 hours, short walks and blood circulation should be stimulated.

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