It's very important that the child runs and plays!

It's very important that the child runs and plays!

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In the past, we had streets and neighborhoods where we played screaming games and ran. Sadly, today's city children are deprived of naturally developing games and friendships.

Hide-and-seek, you have my hand, dodgeball, midwife, fox fox time, hopscotch, skipping rope, tire… More tree-lined streets, smaller buildings, more secluded vehicle traffic, more gardens, less television, less toys, wider imagination son We are the last generations who have tasted these blessings in our twisted and impoverished cities. Our children now participate in pre-planned, programmed games in private parks, schools and groups.

Outdoor play is very important for the physical, emotional, social and psychomotor development of children. They create a natural learning environment for the child. If we think that fifty percent of what we have learned is four years of age and eighty percent is eight years of age, we can understand the importance of preschool children in such games and activities.

Şeyda Özğday, a psychologist from DBE Institute of Behavioral Sciences, Department of Child and Young, explains the positive changes in the life of a child who “runs and plays ıyla in the simplest definition:

* Jumping, running, climbing activities of the child's digestive, circulatory, respiratory system helps to work regularly.
* The child who takes advantage of the sun and fresh air meets vitamin D and oxygen needs.
* Frees energy, relaxes. It has a more peaceful and calm inner life.
* Learns nature by discovering living and inanimate beings.
* Gives information about behavior during the game, emotional state and behavior problems.
* Develops empathy skills through role changes in group games.
* Attention, perception, coordination, speed increases.
* Jumping, stroke, ascent, bending, correction, kneading activities with large and small muscles develop.
* Recognize social roles such as belonging, gaining respect, proving oneself.
* Experience how to behave in the community, cooperate, share, compete, make new friends, follow the rules, be part of the group, create dynamic in the group, express yourself.


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