Pregnancy and curiosity

Pregnancy and curiosity

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There are a lot of questions during pregnancy. Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist at Yeditepe University Hospital Dr. View Cem's Full Profile answers the most curious questions.

- How long is the pregnancy?

Pregnancy period is 40 weeks for single pregnancies starting from the first day of the last menstrual period.

- What are the most common complaints during pregnancy?

Nausea during pregnancy, sometimes vomiting, menstrual pain in the waist and groin, cramps in the legs, weakness, drowsiness, palpitations, excessive gas formation, constipation, frequent urination, sometimes nose and gum bleeding are among the complaints.

- Is it normal to see discharge during pregnancy?

Increased vaginal secretion during pregnancy is normal. If it is different and smelling than normal, you should consult your doctor.

- Can you get dental treatment during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, dental treatment (filling, extraction, etc.) can be done, but if possible, should be left after the completion of 16 weeks.

- Can hair be dyed during pregnancy?

Since the exact formulas of the substances in hair dyes are not known, hair should not be dyed during pregnancy if possible.

- Can I have an X-ray during pregnancy?

With the exception of the first trimester of pregnancy, taking a single X-ray or similar dose if your doctor deems it necessary has no detrimental effect on the baby. A few x-rays for the tooth are also harmless.

- Can painkillers be used during pregnancy?

Only paracetamol can be used as a painkiller during pregnancy.

- Can we have sexual intercourse during pregnancy?

It is not known that sexual intercourse is a drawback unless there is a threat of miscarriage during pregnancy. However, you should be careful and follow the advice of your doctor.

- How to feed during pregnancy?

The nutrients should be rich in vitamins and proteins and provide sufficient pulp (constipation is common during pregnancy). Excessive spices, especially bitter should not be eaten. Unknown foods, raw meat and milk-containing products should not be taken, excess milk should be avoided. More than one glass of milk a day can give excessive calories and prepare the ground for bowel problems. Folic acid vitamin must be started at least one month before becoming pregnant. You should get this with an expert recipe…

- How much weight should be gained during pregnancy?

It is sufficient to take a total weight of 12-13 kg by taking an average of 1 kg per month in pregnancy, but there is no point in mentioning a certain weight, since everyone is different! If we start from the beginning, the risk of miscarriage increases with BMI (Body Mass Index) above 25. Let the sample length be 1.53 and your weight should be 70kg. 1.53X1.53 = 2.34, 70 / 2.34 = 29 is the BMI of this person and is higher than normal and the patient is at low risk. The BMI should ideally be between 18 and 25.

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